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The idea that Apple's iPhone tracks the location of users and stores the data in an unencrypted file might sound nefarious, but it may actually be a simple error, according to one well-connected Apple blogger. Over at Daring Fireball, John Gruber cites an unnamed source who says the location-tracking file generated by the iPhone is either a bug or an oversight. The file in question, consolidated.

Your iPhone Is Tracking You - How To View That Data & Turn It OFF

Gruber guesses that the next iOS update will ensure that historical location data is regularly wiped. The location tracking uses cell tower triangulation rather than GPS, so it's not terribly accurate, and there's no evidence that Apple is collecting the data.

Warden Sees No Need to Panic Over Apple IPhone Tracking

But the file is accessible to anyone who can access an iPhone or the PC to which it's synced, providing a rough approximation of the user's recent whereabouts. Selecting "Encrypt iPhone backup" in the options menu of iTunes will secure that data.

iPhone tracking

After the recent or not? NET which allows you to view this info on your Windows computer as well now. Here's his description for it:.

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Like 0. Easier than Firefox SQLite.

Possible Uses For This Data & A Reality Check

Thank you for this useful news Kyle. It's weird to me to watch where ive been, lol on the other hand now Apple knows where my bahtroom is. Originally Posted by PlatoTheForms. I have been in Khabuki cho, Shinjuku, Tokyo Japan. OOhh shuuuut they know what I'm doing Works but i agree, shows alot of area's that i didnt go.